About Us


We are a South African couple living in the UK. My wife and I originally came up with the Cormorant Coffee Roaster and its initial design in 2012 while travelling around South America on motorcycles. We eventually settled in the UK in 2014 and have been working on the Cormorant Roasters ever since.

We had a very specific idea about how we wanted the beans to roast and taste, and were delighted when the Cormorant produced the exact dream. 

We are a small business and produce a limited amount of roasters every year. 

Each roaster is carefully hand-built to the highest standard, with a brush Stainless Steel finish or powder-coated finish and African Mahogany handles.
The CR600 is a 600g Coffee Roaster and is fully portable, environmentally friendly and it is a scaled down version of an industrial drum roaster. 
It runs on 12 volt dc power and gas, is easy to set-up, user friendly and designed for easy cleaning after roasting. 
The roaster is entirely manual, allowing you to roast coffee to your exact specifications.