The CR600 Roaster:


Handcrafted Stainless Coffee Roaster.

Each roaster is carefully handcrafted to the highest standard, with a brush Stainless Steel finish and African mahogany handles.
The CR600 Home Coffee Roaster is fully portable, environmentally friendly and is a scaled down version of an industrial drum roaster.

With smoke and chaff extraction the roaster is perfect for indoor roasting.
It runs on 12 volt dc power and LPG/Propane, is easy to set-up, user friendly and designed for easy cleaning after roasting.
The roaster is entirely manual, allowing you to roast coffee to your exact specifications using sight, smell and sound. The roaster has access ports for additional BT and ET probes if you want to set the roaster up for artisan profile roasting.

We fit the k-type BT and ET probes but we don’t supply the other hardware or software.